Pause for a minute and imagine a 19 year old kid with a dream to change the world. A dream to transform and ignite in the lives of young kids from townships and rural areas, through soccer. The dream became Disktjie

This is what we represent. We’re crazy, innovative dreamers, who believe they can change the world through this story. Musa Maluleka, the founder, had a vision to craft and design soccer boots, specifically to achieve the best performance on gravel pitches. 

We specialise in crafting high quality products that will truly resonate and ignite big dreams. 

“We're not designing shin-pads or soccer boots, we're crafting an authentic African inspirational story through uniquely crafted high quality products.”

Our journey and story has thus far been about resilience, passion and relentless determination and belief in the development of youth through sports in Africa. We have a vision to ignite dreams in the lives of young kids from townships and rural areas through soccer, that will make them believe that they can one day go out in the world and be great. We're doing this by crafting exceptionally high quality products, at affordable prices to ensure that kids in townships and rural areas can are equipped with a pair of soccer boots to play.

We are building a truly inspirational African story, where we're seeing many young kids playing on gravel, going on to conquer their current circumstances and playing professionally, or doing extremely well at school and going on to live out successful careers and changing their family's lives.

These are the stories we live for, and why we do what we do with so much passion. And we believe it starts with a young kid from the township or rural area, just having a pair of soccer boots to play.