Everyone has a story to tell.

Everyday, every match and every moment is a chapter in your story, make sure you narrate it well and leave a memorable legacy in the world. 



We believe everyone has a powerful story to tell, we believe i'ntwana can go from the dusty pitch yase kasi and go on and be a champion and shine on a global stage. It all begins with the mind. We believe every soccer player has their own unique story and source of inspiration, hence why we believe every soccer player should wear what truly resonates and represents them each time they step onto the field. It's more than just shinguards but rather a representation of the player, the journey and what truly inpires and motivates them. ''We're not designing shinguards or soccer boots, we're crafting stories.''


Being a champion begins in the mind.

"Inspire yourself daily and narrate your story with passion. Because everyone has a story, but champions narrate theirs better. It all starts in the mind."

Love them. 

Cyril Chibwe

These are super special guys, thanks..

Menzi Masuku

Used them and already got a goal with them, like them. 

Abednego Mosiathlaga