A few grateful orders

A few grateful orders

Grateful to be completing the last set of deliveries before the Christmas break!
This past weeks have been a huge sacrifice, coming back for holiday after not seeing family and friends for months , only to come back and be on the road completing deliveries through the holiday has been quite a sacrifice!

But as the saying goes; “to whom much is given, much is expected.” In spite of all the sacrifices, I’m grateful for everything entrepreneurship has given and continues to give and contribute in my life and everyone around me.

Grateful to be entrusted with the responsibility of serving all these customers in all these different townships- and all the belief everyone continues to show in the Disktjie brand and this beautiful purpose we’re working on.

What a crazy past 2 weeks delivering orders(my shirt says it all). We’ve managed to surpass our prior year sales we’ve had during festive season- but with the growth has come challenges. The inefficiency in courier companies with late deliveries, and lack of communication and tracking channels- has meant we’ve had to drive to all these places to maintain our brand experience, which has been hardwork and great to interact and meet with all customers, but also an inefficiency as I’m not scalable- there’s only soo many orders that I can deliver in a day.

The next greatest challenge and problem to solve in this next stage of the business, won’t necessarily be optimising the product , but optimising the distribution channel and business model to ensure a consistent brand experience in a way that’s scalable for all our customers and potential customers throughout the country.

Looking forward to finding and working the right partners to deliver this at scale! Quite challenging, but also exciting looking forward to the next stage of growth of this business!

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